Bethan Seller

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Bethan is a vivacious director and editor with a talent for encouraging strong performances, subtle comedy, and colourful, powerful and engaging films full of bold characters with fantastic attitude. Character development serves as a pivotal part of Bethan’s work, and being a great performance director allows her the flexibility to tackle any style of brief: from comedy to lifestyle, and from drama or narrative to fashion. She has a strong eye for Art Direction and Set Design, often designing set concepts herself. 

One notable film is her self initiated project ‘Luxuriously Taxable’, which she wrote, produced and directed to raise awareness around the luxury tax placed on tampons. The film directed viewers to sign an independent petition to axe the tax, which gained over 300,000 signatures. The campaign gained organic traction and was picked up by Dazed & Confused, Bustle, Metro, The Daily Mail and the Independent’s i100 list.