Beatrice Pegard

Production Company: La Pac
Website: Website

Beatrice Pegard is a French-Australian writer and director. She received an MA and a PhD in Political and Environmental Sciences, studied writing at Harvard and trained at the Atlantic Theatre Company Acting School before attending the Sydney Film School and turning her hand to directing.

Whilst experimenting with sustainable filmmaking, which she applies to her creative process whenever possible, she began testing new ways to play with the cinema of old –– silent and propaganda cinema, the New Wave, stop-motion animation and avant-garde 1970s auteur films, exploring theoretical concepts and in-camera effects in music videos for the likes of Grizzly Bear and The Midnight Juggernauts.

Beatrice’s aesthetic mixes surrealism, nostalgia and anachronistic imagery with hints of absurdity and irreverence, always with a keen interest for fashion, choreography, tracking shots and subdued colours. With a background in sustainability, art department and styling  she is drawn to the interplay between form and content in exuberant narrative, music video and commercial pieces.

Her work has been wildly featured and has earned many awards, nominations and publications, amongst which the Gestalten’s Papercraft series, the ABC Triple J Awards, the British Film Institute BUG London Festival and the Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival.

Beatrice is currently represented by La Pac in Paris.