Ayanda Duma

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Ayanda is an enthusiastic, confident, young South African film director, writer and actor, whose main objective is re-representation of marginalised people of South Africa, particularly black womxn. Through a subversive and imaginative lens, her work encompasses an inquiry into the ways in which the past informs the present, reflecting on how this affects the representation of the South African youth and political climate. She aims to explore these themes through a frank, comedic approach, while maintaining a contemporary, idiosyncratic aesthetic.

Ayanda was born in East London in 1994 and matriculated with an entrance into bachelor’s degree, and is currently based in Cape Town, South Africa. She went on to further pursue her initial curiosity in the arts in Johannesburg, with an Intermediate Photography Certificate qualification from Vega School of Branding in 2013. While exploring her career behind the lens, she explored other creative fields, ranging from jazz piano to modeling for Boss Models Inc. In 2016, Ayanda began her trajectory into film. Majoring in directing and writing, she earned herself a shortlisted position with the Horizon Award in 2017, in association with The Sundance Film Festival, which awarded her an invitation and internship with Hyde Park International at the Cannes Film Festival 2018. Ayanda is an intern and member of SWIFT Cape Town and the International Black Filmmakers Association. During the course of her undergraduate degree, she has also had the opportunity to direct and assist on commercials for Cosmopolitan magazine and Nedbank. Her work spans various genres, including documentary filmmaking, music videos and fiction films and her work has been showcased in prominent film/art spaces such as the Labia Theatre and up-coming collaborative works at The Goodman Gallery and WHATIFTHEWORLD gallery in Cape Town.