Aurélie Saada

Production Company: Psycho
Website: Website

Multi talented is the expression that truly defines what Aurélie Saada is about : as a singer, director, producer, script writer and also actress, everything she touches becomes gold.

Her most popular project is Brigitte. Beyond the super popular music recorded by the duo, Brigitte has turned the French music scene upside down with its combination of subtle feminist lyrics, and a look that immediately started a immense trend.

Way before sorority and empowerment became mainstream issues, Brigitte held those two banners high with uncompromised pride.

Aurélie directs all of Brigitte’s musical videos and designs every album cover. By doing so, the duo has kept its fascination and power intact, a true accomplishment after almost a decade on the scene.

Brigitte’s success de facto made Aurélie Saada a talent that everyone wants to be associated with. In early 2012, Brigitte sang for Lancôme’s campaign “Rouge in Love” produced by Psycho.

Vogue Eyewear used Brigitte music’s and Aurélie’s directing talent for their digital campaign “La Poudrière “, also produced by Psycho. Along with directing all of Brigitte’s music videos, Aurélie has directed spots for various brands such as Dior, Be Magazine, Swarovski and Alexis Mabille.

Aurelie is currently putting the final touches on the script for her first motion picture.