Angelika Abramovitch

Production Company: Missing Link Films
Website: Website

Being Russia-born has given her work a passionate and fiery edge. At 4-years old her family moved to Sweden. This upbringing reflects her style and as well as a simplicity and rawness to her work. Angelika’s early childhood dreams of acting resulted in endless hours of studying the art behind it. In drama school she discovered photography and on weekends she persuaded her friends to run around naked in Swedish forests as she directed them for her artwork. Her acting background makes directing something familiar and comfortable. She has a unique ability of being able to combine the clear vision behind the art and equally being able to put herself in front of it and work from all perspectives. Her first short film ‘The Horse’ won the silver prize in the Swedish film festival. The horse was written in Russian whilst on holiday in Crimea. The film was made one afternoon in her London home with the help of a friend and a borrowed Canon 5D. She has written and directed several music promos and short films. She likes to play with beauty and darkness, making films with a touch of humour that also send shivers down your spine. Angelika’s latest work is her Lynchian short film ‘Blue Moon’ is the best example of her artistic approach and style. ‘Blue Moon’ is expected to be very well-received at film festivals this year.