Amy Allais

Production Company: Ola! Films
Website: Website

Amy’s vast experience, from epic choreographed dance spots, to comedy performance and an inadvertent focus on kids and babies, has taken her across the world and has contributed immensely to the diverse scope of work created by Ola to date.

She is sought-after globally, from her work on Mixa (L’oreal) in Paris, to several Johnson’s campaigns, one of which was shot in Manila for the whole Asia-Pacific Region, and one filmed in Cape Town and used across 48 countries in the EMEA market. From Dubai to Lebanon, Amy works anywhere.

While Amy started full-time commercial directing in 2005, BIGGEST CURSE in 2017 was her debut music video that screened internationally, won Best Music Video at the inaugural Ciclope Africa, and was a finalist at the Berlin Music Video Awards. She is very excited about exploring different platforms and media.

Her love of design and fashion mean that she always grabs the opportunity to stylise her work – she’s driven by precision, with a healthy dose of irreverence thrown in.