Amber Jade Schaefer “WOMAN”

Production Company: More Media
Website: Website

Amber Schaefer is a director, specializing in funny commercials. 

Amber cut her comedy teeth as an actress, improviser, writer, and producer in New York and LA. Honing her talent at the Upright Citizens Brigade, Amber is an expert in comedy writing, performance, and what makes people laugh. She is not afraid to get weird. In fact she can’t help getting weird…because she is a weirdo. Still– she believes that the best comedy comes from a grounded reality, with characters the audience truly care about– because when the stakes are high, the chances of pressing SKIP or shooting your TV are a *little* lower.

Sure, she’s a comedy geek, but she’s no film luddite. After graduating from Marlboro College with a degree in Political Theory, Amber spent eight years making meaningful commercial content for some of the biggest brands and artists in the world, from Sam Smith to Smart Water.

Amber’s greatest joy as a director is finding comedy in the details of purposeful art direction, sound design, cinematography, makeup, and wardrobe. A true music nerd with a secret background as an electronic musician, Amber has a gift for guiding original music composition and finding the perfect score for any project or sentimental life event.

For commercial directing work reach out to More Media.

For other stuff like: writing, acting, punch-ups, directing for TV, film or shorts, general collaboration, or a fabulous deal on a rent controlled apartment, reach out directly: