Alina Montero Muller

Production Company: The Maestros
Website: Website

Writer and director, Alina Montero was born on a filmmakers family in Mexico City in 1987.

Her narrative and aesthetic style has been an exploration of the independent way of production. She loves the ‘one woman orchestra’ and the ‘two girls with a mac’ system and believes that it is possible to create beautiful pieces with just a few tools and a lot of passion, love and creativity… That happened with Chicza, a small project for a Mexican fair trade and sustainable brand, that surprisingly became a huge hit making more that 16 million organic views in less than a month.

Alina believes that we flourish as human beings when we partner-team-join-work between woman and men peacefully. Most of her pieces had been co-directed with a guy who has been her fellow since she was 16 and he 17. Their duo is known as Meteora.

She is the founder and director from Yauala, a Content Digital Magazine that encourages creators to make personal pieces to join the transformation of making, sharing and consuming the audiovisual world.