Ali Cameron

Production Company: Taxi,Lualena
Website: Website

Ali is a hands on director with a love for telling real stories about real people. Her background in photographic art and journalism tints her work with an aesthetic that is simultaneously nostalgic, genuine, creative and experimental.  

Having lived on four continents, Ali is enamored with capturing the stories people have to tell. She cut her filmmaking teeth in the fast paced world of the São Paulo film industry whilst also working as a freelance photojournalist for the city’s largest newspaper Folha de São Paulo, producing work for their magazine and daily journal. During her time there, she was exposed to unique and innovative ways to approach film production amidst the South American market.

Ali thrives in the space between control and the unpredictable and has an affinity for creating authentic environments that allow stories to emerge. The strength in her storytelling comes from a very wholehearted investment in each idea, cause, and client. With each brief she finds honest and unpredictable perspectives within the intervention of the commercial craft.

From mosques in Istanbul to the Normandie coastline, Ali has worked on campaigns with Hyundai, CUA, Red Bull Brazil, Qld Ballet, Suncorp, Qld Government and Olympikus amongst others.