Alexandra Bolton

Production Company: Superprime,Rabbit
Website: Website
A founding member of Diesel and Alex, Alexandra studied Fine Arts and began her career in film, specializing in design, costume and art direction. Alexandra’s interest in the cinematic language led her to writing feature screenplays on which she collaborated with long time creative partner, Diesel Schwarze. From developing original and highly emotive modern stories, to her fine art background; and intense training in set and costume design, Alexandra covers a wide spectrum of fields that together inform her directorial work in Advertising.

She understands the visual language of storytelling and how it affects the viewer; designing and conceptualizing worlds with informed purpose. Her talent for finding creative solutions is a necessity when developing uniquely crafted worlds for brands such as Macy’s, Sony, or Prius. These worlds are all an expression of her imagination conjured from the original concept. They’re playful, whimsical and designed to be a fun escape into a wonderful place for a moment, where the viewer can engage, enjoy and remember the experience.