Zinovia Arvanitidi

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Zinovia Arvanitidi was born in Athens, Greece and is currently living in France. She is a classically trained musician who began taking piano lessons at the early age of 8 and has diplomas in Classical Harmony, Counterpoint, Fugue, Orchestration and Music Technology.

She begins honing her music-composing skills initially in the album  Vanishing Mirror  (Kitchen.Label, 2012) as one half of the duo Pill-oh . Later on she releases two solo albums: The gift of affliction  (Tympanik Audio, 2013) and the most recent  Ivory  (Kitchen.Label, 2018) where she incorporates her influences from contemporary classical, electronic, ambient, jazz, and film scores into her own musical creations.

Meanwhile she composes music for theatre plays, short films, an animated feature film and various tv series broadcasted on major channels in Russia (Godfather, Blue Rose, The Golden Horde).

Zinovia’s work can be described as deeply emotive, eclectic and diverse. It is characterised by a high sense of harmony, lyricism and sensitivity, altogether resulting in a deep, haunting and strongly evocative, cinematic atmosphere.