Tess Tyler

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Tess is an award winning composer for film and video games.

Her most recent projects have been with the game development company, Traveller’s Tales for the LEGO® franchise. Her music has featured in the incredible successful AAA titles, LEGO® Marvel Avengers, LEGO® Worlds and Oculus Rift game, Dead and Buried. Tess has also worked with the songwriter and musical innovator Imogen Heap. Together they developed a project entitled, The Life of A Song, and as a result Tess composed, performed and produced on the highly successful single, Marble.

Alongside composing for video games, with support of the PRS Foundation – Women Make Music fund, Tess is now working on a live re-score of the Soviet silent film classic, Man With a Movie Camera. Tess is also developing her debut jazz/electronica album under the alias, Plink.