Namiko Mori

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Namiko Mori is a Japanese eclectic musician/multi-instrumentalist/composer.

Her musical talent broadens from emotive piano improvisations, song-writing, experimental electronic music, ethnic percussive chamber to elaborate orchestral works. Besides her original works, she has produced collaborative works for independent films, 3D animations, commercials and musicians.

She had classical trained and played keyboard/piano since her childhood. She got into playing drums and Punk/Rock music, exposed to many other different musical instruments included some of ethnic instruments and started to write songs and arrange band music during her teens. After she learned sound engineering techniques at Nihon Kougakuin institute and a local music studio in Japan, she started producing local bands and her own works. She had experience in writing classical music at Dartington music school in the U.K in 2010. And she studied Film scoring at UCLA and awarded by BMI/Jerry Goldsmith Scholarship in 2014 in Los Angeles. She has been produced scores for independent films included one selected by Cannes and TV commercials.