Mia Edenberg

Company: 411 Music Group
Website: Website

It is on 2015 that the young French composer Mia Edenberg decided to create is own musical project Bergsun.

More than a band that it definitely not is Bergsun is an entire universe that Mia decided to feed with both elegance and audacity. Merging all wealth that can provide creations, Bergsun is finally made of atmospheric multi-layered moods, that bring a unique cinematographic color in its sound landscape.

This introspective music proposes to audiences a new experience, held by the only voice it requires: Mia’s voice. Bergsun’s music has been used in  cinema and commercial industry works, like “Horsehead”, a Romain Basset movie, which was the first time Mia decided to birth Bergsun, creating the film’s closing credit’s music.

More recently, James Kermack requested a special tune for his “Hi-Lo Joe” (released November 2017). Netflix helped shine a light on the massive power of Bergsun, as they have hired Mia to compose an original soundtrack for a sci-fi long-form series, which requires a full album (production 2019, NDA still running). Big firms also trust Mia’s talent, like Huawei that used her tune, “Light”, for the entire P10’s TV campaign. Cartier, Piaget, Lancôme, etc. were looking for Mia’s special voice and skill to bring something new to their products, they found it in Mia’s uniqueness. Mia is currently finishing the creation of two albums: “Forgotten Colors” and «Moon Riviera».

But there is more … As she’s working on a total new way of performing live, Mia is building the most extraordinary concert experience, inventing “cinematographic operas”.