Melissa Guérison

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Mel Guérison is a composer, producer, multi-instrumentalist and performer based in Portland, Oregon.

Guérison grew up in a small town in Virginia, playing classical violin, piano & guitar from the age of six. She began writing songs, performing in bars and touring internationally with an orchestra as a teenager and has gone on to tour both nationally and internationally with bands like Other Lives, Alexandra Savior, Allen Stone, Matt Pond PA, Moorea Masa and her own band, Merō, and has recorded with and written string arrangements for many others.

Mel has always had a deep love for film and composition, and even her songwriting has always had a somewhat emotionally intuitive, darker cinematic bent. Her scoring and production is no different- combining lush orchestral swells and haunting soundscapes with sometimes tense and other-worldly moments of dissonance and uplift. She draws on influences from Johnny Greenwood, Max Richter, Jon Brion and Steve Reich.