Meena Ysanne

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Best known for her orchestral arrangements, Meena Ysanne has composed the scores to two feature films, numerous television shows, commercials and trailers. She was the youngest – and only female – composer to be represented by George Martin’s management company, Air-Edel.

Her recent soundtrack for Chanel’s Gabrielle campaign featured jazz percussion alongside African mbira, demonstrating Ysanne’s exceptionally wide palette of sounds, from acoustic instrumentation through to deep electronics.

Jim and Aaron Eckhart’s movie, To Be Friends, saw Ysanne utilizing her trademark instrumentation – orchestral strings. As a violinist and cellist, she has personal insight into strings.

For HBO’s Big Love series, Ysanne was brought in to give added depth and frailty to the strings, for heightened emotional weight on-screen. For Discovery Channel’s Lonely Planet Guides series, she composed a soundtrack inspired by the sounds from each of the show’s subject locations, which she accomplished by integrating sound recordings the team sent to her from each of the shoots. These were throughout the Middle East, from Algeria to Libya and Morocco.

For Cheryl Dunye’s movie, The Owls, Ysanne illustrated a murder-suspense feature film with terror and action as the driving factors of the script. She brought this same skill for tension to Channel 4’s Crime Team, a 12-part series for the UK independent terrestrial television channel. Her strings for the computer game, Saboteur, again added tension, and her trailer music always has strings at its heart.

She has composed for, and conducted, symphony orchestras since 2004, when she worked with the Royal Danish Orchestra in Copenhagen, for a project with Brett Anderson (Suede). She has since worked with symphony orchestras including the City of Prague Symphony Orchestra, and is currently in the early stages of founding her own full-size symphony orchestra, to be launched in Fall 2019.