Mari Sainio

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Mari Sainio is a Finnish composer and a music producer. She’s making music for theatre, film, classical music groups and for her own projects with different artists around the world.

In the summer 2017, her debut EP ”Tales” was released (by the label Ranka Kustannus) receiving very good reception from the audience and critics. Her debut album Minus 25 was released in August 2018.

In her music, Sainio combines classical music elements with cinematic melodies, electronic soundscapes and post-rock pathos. Sainio has been working as a composer since 2010 making music for films, theatre and concert projects. She is actively working with different radio and TV projects with Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE and has also worked for example with an Icelandic production company NyArk Media, Baltic Sea Philhamonic and Imogen Heap. Her works have been performed in various venues such as The National Gallery (London), Music House (Helsinki) and Victoria&Albert Museum (London). She graduated in 2015 as a Master of Composition for Screen from London’s Royal College of Music.