Kate Diaz

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Kate Diaz is a composer-producer who has been a performing songwriter for ten years. During her senior year of college, she released her fifth pop/rock album “Take 8,” available on all streaming services. Kate self-produced the album in her dorm room, playing all instruments and recording/mixing all tracks herself.

As a composer, Kate has scored multiple short films and TV/radio/web commercials, and she has interned for several film composers/studios in LA and Boston. 

Kate just moved to LA in June 2019 after graduating from Harvard College magna cum laude in the Social Studies honors program. While attending Harvard, she also graduated summa cum laude from Berklee College of Music in 2017, as a guitar principal and Contemporary Writing & Production major.

Endorsed by Godin Guitars, Kate is an “accomplished guitar player” with “an astonishing voice” who has released over 50 original songs with “clever lyrical content” and “natural rhythmic flow,” including award-winning songs and songs for causes.  Originally from Chicago, Kate has played 300+ shows at venues across the country, including at national festivals and as a guest performer of national headliners.