Karen Gwyer

Company: Syncsmith
Website: Website

Karen Gwyer was born in the southern US and raised in the north, not far from Detroit.

It is this unique combination of geophysics that is the apparent catalyst for an un-quantized, machine driven, primitive aesthetic that unassumingly contains an endearing familiarity and mystical tone.

‘Let’s just make it a bit strange’ appears to be the core mantra Karen abides by, steering straight past the obvious and opting for a hectic, unpredictable and delirious output that retains a propulsive sensibility and elicits muscle memory.

Now based in London, Karen shifts playfully and intelligently between hypnotic and melodic left-of-techno futurism and sepulchral cinematic overtures in her expansive, largely analogue live electronic performances, with each work coalescing as an academic installation or art-inspired lamentation revealing abundant filmic quality. Her ability to permeate every corner with vacillating, stabbing synths and warm organic drones demonstrates a cohesive ability to deliver profound slow-boiling acid-inspired techno, not constrained by the retro-futuristic weapons of choice. To date, Gwyer has released acclaimed recordings on Opal Tapes, Don’t Be Afraid, Alien Jams, Nous Disques, No Pain In Pop and Kaleidoscope. Karen also provided sound design for the recent Loewe SS17 campaign at Paris Fashion Week.

For bespoke composition, licensing and/or sound design please contact hayley@syncsmith.com