Hayley Moss

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Mastering the controls of her Malibu Studio, the enigmatic Hayley Moss has composed and produced lush and powerful scores for film, television and theater. Wielding a propensity towards the kind of sensory overload that even stripped raw can select, seduce, and elevate exactly what it wraps itself around. Hayley’s musical scores have received numerous international accolades, including award-winning projects, and pairings with cutting-edge directors and storytellers. She has worked on numerous TV and film productions and scored 100’s of TV commercials.

Born and raised in New York City, she studied video and performance art at the San Francisco Art Institute. She is a self taught composer and producer, whose works can be heard from the Teatro Alla Scalia in Milan to acclaimed Film and Television productions, as well as being a featured remixer on well known electronic-dance compilations. Her work is modern and her scores energize, while bringing the emotional content to life.


The New York Festivals
Silver World Medal, Best Original Music “Found”
Media Communications Association (ITVA)
Bronze- Original Music – Delphi
Bronze – Original Music – Delphi
Houston Worldfest Film Festival Platinum Award – “Holiday”
Best of Specialty Arts – “Holiday”
Gold Caddy-Original Music – “Holiday”
Silver Caddy-Musical Score – “Found”
International Monitor Awards
Original Score – “Holiday”
Houston Worldfest Film Festival
Platinum Award – “Holiday”