Hannah Peel

Company: Mute Song
Website: Website

Emmy-nominated for her score to 2019’s Game Of Thrones: The Last Watch, Hannah Peel is a Northern Irish artist, producer and award winning RTS composer based in London and Belfast.

Peel navigates synthesisers, electronics, orchestral work, hand punched music boxes and unique sound worlds for her compositions for film, TV and her own albums.

Whether it be her solo electronic and pop work ‘Awake But Always Dreaming’ which became an ode to her grandmother’s mind as she lived with dementia, or 2017’s ‘Mary Casio: Journey to Cassiopeia’ for synthesisers and colliery brass band where Peel dreams of space and the unparalleled vastness, her work is ambitious and forward-looking, adapting and re-invenitng new genres and hybrid musical forms.

She adds to that a detailed response to visuals and atmosphere which threads through her composed work for TV, Film, Theatre and dance productions, winning her an RTS award in 2014 for original title music to Channel 4’s ‘Dates’. Her unique music boxes have also become part of her signature sound. In fact, her most recent commission was for the Game Of Thrones: The Last Watch, which she scored with strings, voice and electronics but also included a beautiful version of the Game Of Thrones theme played on her music box.

HBO – Game Of Thrones: The Last Watch 
ITV – Cold Feet 
FX – American Horror Story
National Geographic – Ice Alive
Netflix / Channel 4 – Kiss Me First
Marie Curie campaign – Difference
BBC – The A List