Francesca Bergami | Lyves

Company: SixtyFourMusic
Website: Website

Francesca Bergami is singer, songwriter and composer based in London. Having been supported by tastemakers worldwide, her songs have featured across a number of television series from Sky to MTV, Warner Bros to The CW and more. Francesca’s song “Darkest Hour” was also the inspiration behind a number of acclaimed short films.

Francesca artist project, Lyves, has earned her over 17 Million streams and saw her tour with Coldplay last year. Her music has been described as stirring and powerful with a voice that can be both emotive and empowering at once. With a background in psychology and mental health, Francesca is inspired by human stories and is passionate about creating music that connects with people’s hearts. Her most recent project entitled, 8 Rooms, sees Francesca release a series of video and song collaborations each lensed by a different director, each narrative exploring a different emotional theme. This project aims to put a positive spin on the emotions we’re often programmed to associate with shame or negativity. Something of an emotive tapestry, each video forms a captivating exploration of a complexity of emotional themes, conveyed through intimate and profound human stories.

Francesca’s aim: “My intention with this series is to unravel emotions that are so often buried,” she explains. “By bringing them to light, I hoped to make them easier to talk about and to show how healing it can be to truly reveal ourselves.”