Faye Gatley

Company: Mama Dance!
Website: Website

One note higher up on the piano, pressed just softly enough… let the sustain ring… does it inspire hope, mystery, discovery? Move your hands down to the darker notes, a minor chord for suspense, nostalgia, longing?

Connecting emotions to music has always intrigued Faye Gatley, a music creator based in Nelson Mandela Bay, South Africa.

Apart from composing emotive music, Faye revels in songwriting for advert briefs where the lyrics play an important role. Bringing out her personality in each song, Faye’s music can be quirky, whimsical, feminine, sultry or thought provoking. “Crafting lyrics and melodies from feelings, and further submerging myself into the world of music. That is the world I want to live in.”

Faye is currently working on an instrumental emotive album with Mama Dance, that is uplifting, ethereal and feminine with a South African twist.

Several of Faye’s original songs have been playlisted on national radio including “You & Me” and “I love you”. Another of her songs entitled “Don’t” features on the Xbox 360 Game A-Band.

Find more of Faye’s work  here.