Elena Kats-Chernin

Company: Nylon Studios
Website: Website

Russian-born Australian composer Elena Kats-Chernin is celebrated for her impressive musical works spanning across operas, film scores, piano concertos and advertising.

From her iconic piece for Lloyds Bank UK to her musical masterpiece “Green Leaf” scored for the branding of Australian banking industry giant Westpac, each campaign has attracted overwhelming industry praise. While Elena is best known for her ballet score ‘Wild Swans’, as well as her “Russian Rag” (used in claymation “Mary and Max” as Max’s theme), her style is eclectic and approachable, her ability to write memorable lyrical melodies has made her a much sought after composer across a number of disciplines. ABC Classics recently released her 10CD boxset, a treasure trove of her music. It includes her recent successes like Prelude and Cube, The Witching Hour and The Three Dancers.

Elena is known for her open-minded approach to music and inventive ideas and her works are regularly performed and broadcast in Australia and internationally.