Brigitte Dajczer

Company: SixtyFourMusic
Website: Website

Brigitte Dajczer – aka Briga, is a highly versatile composer, producer & multi-instrumentalist who creates music for a vast array of platforms in visual media: Film, Games, Television, VR and streaming music (records).

A natural born creative trained in classical violin at an early age, she broke free from the constraints of the conservatory during her teenage years.

On top of having to score/ record/ lock down 70 minutes of orchestral film music to image in a mere six weeks for the documentary “Slippers”, she is credited with additional instrumentation and string arrangements on AAA games such as The Shadow of the Tomb Raider & Resident Evil Biohazard: 7. Brigitte is a force of nature whose passion for music/ sound, combined with her versatility in a multitude of musical styles, and her background in visual arts & film, makes her an artist for whom anything is possible.