Anné Kulonen

Company: Nylon Studios
Website: Website

Anné is a Finnish-born, London-based composer, sound artist and singer/songwriter working in commercials, film and TV.

She started her classical music conservatoire training at the age of 5 in her native Finland, majoring in piano. She later broadened her education to Composition, Sonic Arts and Electronic Music Production, as well as Vocal Performance. For each project she takes on, she draws from her wide skillset in sound and creates music with a colourful and distinct individuality.

Anné’s music has been used by global brands in TV commercials around the world.

She has composed scores for multi-award-winning short films, including Ridley Scott Associates’ 3D film ‘The Foundling’ and ‘Night Dancing’, which premiered at Toronto International Film Festival and was screened at the Lincoln Center in New York in July 2018.

In addition to her work in film and commercials, Anné has created music and sound design for critically-acclaimed theatre shows and electronic scores for award-winning contemporary dance performances. Anné is also currently working on some more personal material as a singer-songwriter. These songs fully embrace her broad range of skills and eclectic musical influences and draw inspiration from her Nordic ethnicity.

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