Andrea Balency

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Andrea Balency is a London-based composer, musician and singer. 

‘Around And Back And Around’, her new EP, was developed from the concept of creating music based on human body movements, exploring how physicality interacts with the abstract nature of musical form.

The EP’s structure, melodic lines and rhythmic patterns are based on human dynamics and gestures; with each track interpreting a specific physical action. Balency performed and produced the entire EP, beside percussionist Marc Pell and Kai Campos’ vocals on ‘Walking’, and the artwork is one of her own paintings.

Previously Balency has worked on numerous short film scores and music projects across Mexico and Europe. She grew up in France and Mexico, and studied classical contemporary composition at the Manuel de Falla Conservatory in Buenos Aires. She’s currently a touring member of UK band Mount Kimbie and she wrote and performed music for their latest album, Love What Survives.