Alexa L. Borden

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Alexa L. Borden is an L.A.-based composer from Philadelphia, PA.

She attended both Berklee College of Music and Moravian College for her bachelors degree in Music Composition, and holds an MFA in Music Composition for the Screen from Columbia College Chicago. In addition to her solo work, Alexa also frequently collaborates on projects with fellow female film composer, Connor Cook.

Alexa has used her love of classic rock music and her training in both classical and modern piano, harpsichord, and voice to compose music for a wide variety of projects, including short films, feature films, musicals, and video games. Some of her most recent and upcoming works include Angela Matemotja’s award-winning drama, Elevate; short thriller, Her First Kill (written and directed by Níke Kadri); sci-fi romance, Limerence (written and directed by Dan Pedersen); family feature, Project: Puppies for Christmas (written by Charidy Wronski and directed by Dan Hewitt Owens); and arrangements and orchestrations for the Jeff-winning production for Best New Musical, The Civility of Albert Cashier (written by Jay Paul Deratany with music by Joe Stevens and Keaton Wooden).