Aïsha Devi

Company: Syncsmith,Manners McDade
Website: Website

Aïsha is a rebel spiritualist and radical alchemist who continues to break down barriers and cultural dimensions with her art.

Born by the Swiss Alps with Nepalese-Tibetan heritage, a transversal of cultural and spiritual identity was forged, guiding both her personal and creative process as a non-conformed seeker. Devi applies meditation techniques in her approach to production, channeling metaphysical research, ritualistic practice and healing frequencies into an alternate paradigm. Dislocation from pop culture is one of her foundational tools and stylistic signatures. With her mesmeric digital mantras and a captivating stage presence she’s bowled over crowds at CTM, Mutek, Unsound, Boiler Room and countless international art-driven festivals and venues from Siberia to Mexico and beyond.

Her debut LP ‘Of Matter And Spirit’, a “materialization of her initiatic journey through her spiritual and origin quests”, was released in October 2015 via Houndstooth. Her sophomore album “DNA Feelings” is expected in May 2018 again on the Houndstooth imprint. In terms of recent sync activity and bespoke compositions she provided the music for A24’s trailer of “Climax” by Gaspar Noé, she has scored the film “The Miracle Of Tekir” by Swiss/Romanian Director Ruxandra Zenide and also the much acclaimed New York Fashion Week 16/17 Fenty x Puma by Rihanna show.

For bespoke composition, licensing and/or sound design please contact hayley@syncsmith.com