Samanta do Amaral

Company: Quanta Post
Website: Website

Samanta do Amaral completed her BA in Communication Studies with emphasis on audiovisual media at the State University of São Paulo (UNESP) in 2003. Her first short film Infidelity (2003), a stop-motion shot on 16mm, was selected by a number of film festivals, including Anima Mundi. She is interested in photography and has worked as a colourist since 2006 in Brazil’s most important post-production companies, including Mega Studios, Teleimage/Casablanca, Cinecolor Digital (Chile Films) and DotCine. Over a career that spans more than 10 years, she has done the colour grading for numerous short- and feature-length films as well as TV series, often working with illustrious names of Brazilian cinema. Her most recent works include the music video ‘Lalá’, by Karol Conka and the multi-award winning documentary Bixa Travesty (Claudia Priscilla and Kiko Goifman, 2017). She is a member of DAFB (Brazilian Collective of Female Cinematographers) and also teaches about the use of colour in audiovisual media.
Currently she is colourist at Quanta Post.