Natacha Ikoli

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Natacha is a Brooklyn based multidisciplinary artist who primarily works as a video colorist. Her nearly 10 years experience in post-production shapes her vision and principles of what color grading ought to bring to the finishing of any movie whether it be a short,  music video, feature or commercial.

Born in Kinshasa and raised in Paris, her interest for all aspects of film making has always been tied with the idea that film making is first and foremost the art of story telling by visual artists more than technicians. When she started working as a video editor and correspondent at UNICEF, she had  not imagined it would trigger an insatiable passion for documentary film making.  For 6 years she traveled the world covering stories on the plight of women and children and the agency’s relief efforts.

Her first encounter with digital coloring came accidentally as she was filling-in a temporary position at the Colour Space studio in New York.  The more she learned the more she was smitten with the profession. Practicing color grading had awakened a craze and appreciation for aesthetically bold imagery. Natacha went on to be an assistant atCompany 3 where she learned along side top industry colorists before joining boutique studio Color Collective where she strengthened her skills in commercial coloring. Her diverse and eclectic experience were the solid foundation that has ultimately led her to her own unique working method. She’s since collaborated with director Mac Premo on commercials and TED videos, cinematographer Xavi Giménez on Tribeca Award Winner, To Dust, feature film, and most recently completed season 9 of PBS Art in the 21st Century. She works in New York and Paris in various studios including  Blue Table Post and Royal Post.