Kath Raisch

Company: Company 3
Website: Website

Propelled and inspired by color throughout her life, Kath Raisch brings a background in fine art photography and printing to all her work as a colorist at Company 3 in New York. Her work extends to multiple styles and approaches, including subtle beauty work for major brands, naturalistic-looking commercials and an eclectic mix of music videos and both short- and feature-length movies.

She is from Philadelphia, PA and holds a BFA in Professional Photographic Illustration with a focus in Imaging Systems and Print Technology from the highly-esteemed Rochester Institute of Technology and she keeps a hand in the artistic still photography world whenever possible. She started at Company 3 in the restoration department, helping bring older titles to their original glory, before assuming her current role as fulltime colorist on new projects.

Recent work includes a visually inspiring spot for AMEX, starring artist Pharrell Williams and beautiful, other-worldly “Jet Lag” for Samsung’s for Galaxy S9. She continues to add to her roster of clients based on a lush, beautiful Hawaiian Tourism campaign she colored over a yearago and she’s very excited about an ongoing project she’s coloring for a future instillation atNew York’s Museum of Modern Art.

A documentary Kath colored, the gut-wrenching LA 92 concerning that city’s violent period of unrest, received an Emmy for Best Feature Documentary in 2017. Kath always looks forward to collaborating with women filmmakers as she’s done with cinematographer Laura Valladao (Oscar-nominated for short film, “My Nephew Emmet”) and director Elle Ginter (National Women’s Day spot, “Not to be a Lady”) and director Raven Jackson’s, “Nettles,” a short that explores stinging moments in the lives of a number of girls and women.