Jax Harney

Company: Cheat
Website: Website

Jax Harney, a colourist at CHEAT in London, has been infatuated with colour since the start of her career. 

Before grading moving picture, she worked commercially with photographers across the globe, manipulating colours to help client’s visions become a reality.

She later brought her craft to the grading suite in east London as part of the CHEAT team, and is rapidly expanding her clientele, grading remotely around the world.

Jax has worked across an impressive number of campaigns, including BMW, TOYOTA, Gucci, Peroni, Puma, Vans, Adidas, Stella McCartney & Alexander McQueen, to name a few. She enjoys collaborating in the suite and loves the unique challenges each project brings.

Jax enjoys working across all genres of moving image and is always excited to start new projects. Her portfolio of work includes everything from music videos and commercials to feature films and videos games.