Anastasia Shepherd

Company: Simple DCP
Website: Website

Anastasia Shepherd, C.S.I. is the Senior Colorist at Simple DCP in Los Angeles.

After graduating from the University of Southern California’s cinema production program, Ana began working full-time as an independent filmmaker serving as a cinematographer and editor.

In 2012, Ana was afforded the opportunity to teach editing at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco and from there was invited to teach at the European Film College in Denmark. During that time, Ana began to hold workshops on color grading and visual effects for her students. The success of those workshops led her to teach additional workshops in Copenhagen and Istanbul.

In 2015, Ana moved to Cambodia where she began teaching color grading, editing, and visual effects, but soon transitioned to exclusively working as a colorist for Cambodian films. She went on to work as a colorist and film educator in Mexico, Armenia and Belgium. Ana returned to the US to join the team at Simple DCP in 2017.