Free The Bid is delighted to announce our latest global expansion: Dutch director Caroline Koning (HALAL) has signed on as our Free The Bid The Netherlands ambassador!
Always being fascinated by the world of images, directing came quite natural to Caroline Koning (HALAL) – who is completely self-taught. With great curiosity, a whole lot of discipline and a dose of stubbornness, she quickly grew a portfolio of work, including high-profile jobs for the likes of Loewe and Scotch & Soda.
“I’m an advocate for gender equality, in any profession, sport, or other social context. As a commercial director, being a positive voice towards re-examining the issues of female representation in our industry, at all levels, is not only an honor, but a prerequisite. People who make films do more than just write scripts. Dress characters. Pick music. Create a work environment. They make choices. There is no excuse for having all the information, and not using it. 
I want to take the conversation to the next level in The Netherlands, a country which is often seen as the depiction of openness and tolerance. These labels have perhaps made us rest slightly on our laurels. The narrowness of the conversation is particularly striking because the issue is, in fact, so broad. Let’s talk!”
To celebrate her appointment as our directorial representative for The Netherlands, Caroline spoke with us about her latest work for Museumnacht Amsterdam, an annual event where more than 50 Amsterdam-based museums, ranging from well-known institutions like the Rijksmuseum to smaller names such as the Outsider Art Museum, open their doors after-hours. Caroline’s film focuses viewers on the wonder of perception, intermingling art historical reference points with contemporary footage to highlight the continued cultural relevance of close observation.
“This was such a great opportunity to take a different approach to providing visual information. I loved the balancing act between the informative aspects and the more abstract, art-focused elements.
This film is not only about the art of looking as a concept, but it also explains why we love certain things, and how the chemistry of that works scientifically. I added the ‘falling in love’ element as art is very much about that for me. You can fall in love with a style, a color, a person. So looking at things is much broader (and much more complicated) than we think.
It was an advantage working everything out myself, but on the other hand that resulted in me overthinking a lot of steps. I often thought: is it going to come across? Is it too informative? Is it boring? But if you rest on your instincts, you can only make something that is true to your own ideas. And in the end, I think you see that. And luckily, I don’t find it boring at all now.
I love the ‘how-it-works’ aspect with the visual layer and art-like pictures. And for this project the casting process was so lovely, being completely 50/50 of boys and girls from all corners of the city. Honestly, how it should be!”
Visit Caroline’s profile to view more of her work!
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