NextRound Productions

The Women’s Marches that took place on January 21st, in the aftermath of Donald Trump’s inauguration, drew unprecedented crowds into the streets in cities all across the world, pledging support for the rights of all women and disenfranchised people. Our hearts are still pounding from the inspiring turn out! Based on numbers tallied by UConn professor Jeremy Pressman, the current total estimate of those who attended the march (not including those who demonstrated in other countries) falls between 3.2 million and 4.2 million, making it the largest protest in US history.

In the midst of Washington D.C.’s March, Free The Bid founder Alma Harel happened upon a group of women performing a song in unison, seemingly spontaneously. She was wandering through the crowd in search of her friends, thinking that her phone had died. When she tried to film the performance, “it literally sprung to life.”

“I was just trying to try to pass through the crowd,” Alma told the Washington Post. “Then I found myself in this pocket of air around these girls and they just started singing … it was the most elevating and harmonious and beautiful thing.” She posted the video to Facebook and Twitter before boarding a flight to Los Angeles.

“These women are from different states and never met till today,” Alma wrote. “They practiced this song online. I was crying the whole time I filmed this. Show them some love. #WomensMarch #ANTHEM #Icantkeepquiet #TogetherWeRise”

The video was shared by Emma Watson and Amy Poehler and spread wildly – currently, it has amassed an astounding 15 million views and been shared over 160,000 times on Facebook alone. The song, “I Can’t Keep Quiet,” is an original composition by Los Angeles based musician Connie Lim, who records under the name MILCK. Gathering women from 25 different acapella groups from across the country, the group rehearsed the performance online in preparation for the march.

Multiple news sources, including the Washington Post and Vice, have heralded the song as an anthem of the Women’s March, a rallying cry for the movement that has grown out of the march’s energy. MILCK was invited to perform the song on Samantha Bee’s Full Frontal, and cover versions have popped up from singers and choirs around the world: here are a few of our favorites.

NextRound Productions, a video production company founded in 2012 in New York City by Flor Tejada and Amanda Sabater, used the song as the soundtrack for this video, a compilation of footage shot from the different gatherings around the world, including Alma’s video of the song being performed.

“We put out a call to collect footage of sister marches and received hundreds of videos,” NextRound writes. “Within days, women and allies contributed scenes from 102 cities, 28 countries, all 50 states and all seven continents.” The video is a testament to the power generated when people all over the world come together and stand in solidarity, celebrating our collective strength in the face of injustice.

Free The Bid thanks everyone who supports our struggle for equal opportunity and hopes this inspires you to keep working with us. #TogetherWeRise