2 weeks ago I launched #FREETHEBID and didn’t even make a press page on the site…
Because I couldn’t imagine your response. Today Advertising Age published a follow up on our numbers by Ann-Christine Diaz and it’s blowing our minds. Thank you for sharing #FREETHEBID and reaching every part of the world. This coming week we are starting our initiative in India, Hong Kong and many places where women voices are much needed. We’re working on getting back to you but are experiencing some EXTREMELY welcomed growing pains!

Consider making a donation on our main page to help us get better and make you proud. And know that we are reading your emails and doing the work as fast as we can. Once directed to our fiscal sponsor “women make movies”, scroll to free the bid & let us know in honor of what you’re making the donation. Some options –

1. Posting more pledged production companies on the site.
2. Posting more women directors and adding categories.
3. Faster response rate.
4. Supporting ad agencies’ producers with rep services.
5. Introducing more unsigned directors.
6. News letters, special screenings of women’s work and updates.
All of the above.

In the mean time have a read below if you missed the hype… and don’t wait to #FREETHEBID

McCann’s Mr. Reilly says it best in the interview mentioned above –

“This isn’t just about the good of society, It’s good for the work, too. When it’s all 40-year-old white dudes writing and directing the ads, there’s probably a lot of sameness happening — and I’m saying this as a white dude in his 40s.”

So if you can’t find a woman, diversify your bid any way you can. There are so many other people who need to get in there, racially, there are so many choices you can make. We originally intended to call this ‘Her Bid,’ but we decided to call it ‘Free the Bid’ to send a message about diversity that the ad world needs to commit to. Just #FREETHEBID

Alma & Co.

Press Recap

AD AGE – Will ‘Free the Bid’ Put More Women Behind the Camera?

INDIEWIRE – Filmmaker Alma Har’el Launches Historic Initiative To ‘Free The Bid’ For Female Commercial Directors.

MASHABLE – Ad agencies are taking a huge step toward getting female directors hired.

CAMPAIGN – From this day forth, Brothers and Sisters guarantees that we will have at least one female director on every three-way director pitch. There. I’ve said it. It can’t be undone.

CREATIVITY – Coca-Cola, McCann, JWT, FCB, Mother, Ebay Amongst those Pledging to Include Women Helmers in Production Project Bids thanks to Free The Bid initiative by director Alma Har’el.

LITTLE BLACK BOOK – 5 minutes with Alma Har’el. The force behind #FreeTheBid on opening directing up to women, her ‘lost art brother’ Shia LaBeouf and bringing fantasy into documentary

ADAGE – Free The Bid gets ad industry to support female directors in a historical move.

MORE ABOUT ADVERTISING – Director Har’el launches Free The Bid to boost female commercials directors.

ADBIZ / AD WEEK – Agencies, Production Companies Promise to Let Female Directors Bid on Every Pitch.

THE DRUM – Free The Bid launches, gives female directors greater voice in ad industry.

CAMPAIGN – #FreeTheBid drive launches to combat lack of female ad directors.

SHOTS – Alma Har’el unveils Free The Bid, an initiative that encourages agencies to consider more female directors.

THE STABLE – Alma Har’el is making headlines throughout the film and advertising universes with both her work and her gumption. She has teamed up with PJ Pereira, CCO and co-founder of Pereira & O’Dell, to address the deep-rooted gender bias embedded in the ad industry.