It’s a women-director trifecta!

The dream-team trio of co-director Ariel Fisher, musician and co-director Miya Folick, and choreographer/co-director Sarah Prinz combined forces on the energetic music video for Miya’s latest song ‘Stop Talking’ (which is, fittingly, a song about a friendship).



Filmed within impeccably constructed aesthetic environments, Miya and a group of dancers make glorious use of the space through Sarah’s expert choreography. The ‘Stop Talking’ video prove that when self-described “fellow weirdos” unite, the results are always kooky – and a ton of fun.

We spoke with Ariel, Miya, and Sarah about their experience collaborating on the project – read on for the thoughts of all three co-directors!



“The video for ‘Stop Talking’ felt like a chain reaction. Miya wrote the song for her dear friend and Sarah (my dear friend) sang it to me— so when they called and asked to collaborate on the video, it felt right. Miya is a powerfully talented writer, I listen to her music on repeat- not just because she is my friend, but because her music makes me feel deeply understood. What she writes is real. Sarah, in both choreography and directing, is a mega force of movement, intention and originality. She approaches things differently and it shows tenfold in the uniqueness of her work. Sarah and Miya are fellow weirdos, and they made it easy to feel happy just being me, making this whole process very freeing.”

Ariel Fisher



“‘Stop Talking’ was an experiment and exercise for all of us.  We didn’t have much money or time, but we had a clear idea of what the video should feel like.  We wanted to make something  delicious and fun while retaining the message of the song. We were reaching for a playfulness that felt serious and vital.  To me, this song is a bop, but it also carries a vital lesson– “We will become the words we say.”  I think this video came together so beautifully because Ariel and Sarah are people with strong intentions. We spoke at every step about the meaning behind each decision. We were deliberate but also flexible. We were vocal about insecurities and discomforts. Looking back, it’s clear that the process of making this video was as important as the video itself. For the video to be an ode to friendship, we had to make it as friends.”

Miya Folick



“‘Stop Talking’ is about true friendship, tough love, and being able to say your truth to the people you care about – no matter what. This video only made sense to me when the three of us decided to co-direct it together. We’ve all been close friends for awhile now – in our mid-twenties, going through all sorts of times together. The three of us have perfectly strange things in common and peculiarly different voices from one another. Putting all of that bizarre together turned this video into a beautifully multi-faceted idea. Miya, for example, has this wonderfully curious mind that never lets an idea go by without challenging it in the kindest and most prolific way – a way that turns the most saturated narrative into a simply relatable feeling. Ariel is this fantastic amalgamation of the funniest human I’ve ever met in my life and a person I profoundly respect for her fearlessness, presentness and selflessness. She is relentless in her pursuit of excellence and authentic to herself without a moment of doubt. Both of these women, best friends and role models, have been beyond inspiring to stand beside. I hope this video brings friends closer together bonding over memories of silly moments we all continuously find ourselves in.”

Sarah Prinz



BTS images courtesy of Carter Howe.



Miya Folick, Anika Norrgard, Savannah Harrison, Brandon Mathis, Shauna Davis, Robi Cheaux, Blake Anthony McKay, Moriah Faulk, Kaboa Hasegawa, Brinda Iyer, HaChan Hatada


Directed by: Ariel Fisher, Sarah C. Prinz & Miya Folick

Director of Photography: Pavel Yatsenko

Production Company: Little Ugly  

Label: Terrible Records & Interscope

Producer: Melissa Kyle

EP: Kimberly Stuckwish

Little Ugly PM: Neil Garvey

Choreography by: Sarah C. Prinz

Production Design: Liam Moore

Artist Management: Will Hubbard, Michael Falotico

Video Commissioner:

Director’s Rep: Reprobates

1st AD: Melissa Kyle

Wardrobe & Styling: Miya Folick & Abby Francis

Specialty Wardrobe by: Ziran

Assistant Choreographer: Audrey Collette

Art Direction: Ariel Fisher

Art Assistant:  Megan Mantia

1st AC: Ferid Hasbun

2nd AC: Ana Parra Bernal

Key Grip: Josue Lopez

Gaffer: Francisco Cortinas

Key Grip: Josue Lopez

Hair and Makeup: Mika Caviola

BTS Stills: Carter Howe

Edited by: Johnny Chang

Colorist: Pavel Yatsenko

UPM/ Coordinator: Madeleine Paul

Painter: Avery Cordray

PA’s: Simone Lapidus & Hugo Pallete



Carlos Lopez Estrada, Ziran, Tanner Hall, Avery Cordray