Success! Another MAJOR brand has taken the Free The Bid pledge, committing to support women directors!

We’re thrilled to announce that Airbnb is now a pledged brand. This means that for every ad campaign, Airbnb has agreed to include at least one female director in the bidding process.

This is HUGE!

Airbnb’s Global Head of Production, Rachel Holbrook, issued the following statement:

“Airbnb pledges to #FreeTheBid

At Airbnb, we believe that all people, anywhere in the world, should feel that they can Belong Anywhere. Discrimination stands in the way of belonging, which is why we make it a priority across every facet of our business to address it head-on, by promoting diversity and inclusion, which ultimately leads to acceptance.

Through the content Airbnb creates, we have an opportunity to bring a more diverse set of voices and viewpoints to the surface. This is why we take the pledge to #FreetheBid. The stories we read, watch and hear have been disproportionately told by men; it’s time to add more women’s voices to the media landscape.

We believe that bringing diverse stories to the world is a moral imperative as well as a business one. Over half of travel decisions are made by women and our business will benefit from more female storytellers at the helm of marketing and storytelling efforts. We take this pledge seriously and have invited our agencies to participate by providing at least one female director in all of our bids.

We are proud to be a part of #FreetheBid, as it aligns so closely with Airbnb’s mission and values as a brand. We hope that our pledge encourages other brands to #FreetheBid and look forward to watching the media landscape benefit from this important initiative.”

Thank you, Airbnb, for joining us in advocating for diverse perspectives!