When we started Free The Bid people told us it will be impossible to implement because there are only 4-5 female directors.

Many people said – “Does that mean we need to hire “Such&Such” on every job? because that’s the only woman director we know.”


Because that’s what we have on our site right now.

If you don’t know any female directors or can only name 3 or 5, it might be time to visit our page and get inspired.

Find your favorites, celebrate them and keep in mind that we grow with you.

It is the contributions YOU have made that allowed us to say that we now have 250 directors featured on the site, so THANK YOU!

Every day we try our best to get more women on the site and with time we hope to have a clearer path for those we can’t feature yet.

We’re working closely with reps and top agencies to make this list a reliable source of talent.

We have some very exciting news coming up that we will share with all the women directors who want to be featured on the site and we haven’t been able to feature yet. Stay Tuned in the next few days!

In the meantime try to name more than 5 female directors you love. It’s easy!

Free The Bid