(l – r): Ewelina Aleksandrowic (member of Pussykrew), Margot Bowman, Lily Baldwin, Alexandra Serio, Nicole McDonald, Jingjing Tian, Eliza Mcnitt, Jenn Duong, Yasmin Elayat, Jessica Brillhart

To kick off the launch of our brand new Innovation category, Free The Bid hosted “Women Directors  In VR/AR,” on Saturday April 21st in NYC, during the 2018 Tribeca Film Festival.

Our Innovation Ambassadors, Nicole McDonald and Julia Sourikoff, were instrumental in assembling this group of amazing women who are creating work within the Innovation space, across 360°, AI, AR, Experiential, Interactive, Livestreaming, and VR. To read more about Nicole and Julia, take a look at their in-depth interview HERE. For more information on the distinctions between the ever-evolving Innovation disciplines, click HERE to read our Innovation 101 guide (this guide will be updated regularly!)

“As creators in the innovation space, we tend to work long hours behind computer screens…which can be somewhat isolating. It was incredibly invigorating to come together, share and absorb in the admiration we all have for one another’s work in this wild new frontier.” – Nicole McDonald

“It was so symbolic to come together during Tribeca Film Festival to celebrate this new community of storytellers. Seeing everyone in one room together shows industry-wide progress in technology, diversity and inclusion.” – Julia Sourikoff

Although this group represents an amazing cross-section of women within the field, there are far more women who are creating incredible innovation projects! Click through the Innovation subfilters in our database to browse the current profiles of women directors working in this space, and be sure to check back often, as we will constantly be adding more Innovation profiles.

Thanks to our friends at Tool of North America, and to The Standard Hotel Cooper Square for hosting this lovely event!

All event photos courtesy of Alice Plati.



front row (l-r): Margot Bowman, Jenn Duong, Julia Sourikoff (Executive Producer, AR/VR, Tool of North America)

middle row (l-r): Nicole McDonald, Yelena Rachitsky, Lily Baldwin, Emma Reeves (Executive Director, Free The Bid), Joanna Popper (Global Head of VR for Location Based Entertainment, HP), Eliza Mcnitt, Sarah Dileo, Yasmin Elayat, Jessica Brillhart

back row (l-r): Rebecca Straney (Producer, HELO), Ewelina Aleksandrowicz (member of Pussykrew), Andrzej Wojtas (member of Pussykrew), Alexandra Serio (CCO and Co-Founder, Nameless.tv), Dario Verrini (Brand Director, HELO), Jingjing Tian, Erin Wahed (Representation Co.), Bo Djogo (EP of Experiential, Droga5), Jenna Pirog (Senior Editor, Immersive Experiences, National Geographic)



(l-r): Jenn Duong, Joanna Popper, Jessica Brillhart



(l-r) Yasmin Elayat, Margot Bowman, Jingjing Tian



(l-r) Julia Sourikoff, Alexandra Serio, Eliza Mcnitt



(l-r): Ewelina Aleksandrowicz, Lily Baldwin