On March 1st, our friend Steffen Gentis, Chief Production Officer at newly-pledged agency BBDO Germany, hosted roughly 750 people from the creative, advertising and film industries for a showcase and afterparty as a part of the Regielounge event series, held three times a year in Berlin. Regielounge shines a spotlight on both established and up-and-coming directors, and Steffen invited our German ambassador Elisha Smith-Leverock to speak about Free The Bid.

Elisha was interviewed by Steffen and had the opportunity to discuss Free The Bid’s mission to give women directors equal opportunity.

“It was fantastic of Steffen and BBDO to provide us with this platform,” said Elisha of the event. “Regielounge is an incredibly popular industry event, and to be able to introduce Free The Bid to an entire movie theater filled with people from Germany’s most influential production companies and agencies was an amazing opportunity. The Free The Bid launch party also gave all of the attendees the opportunity to meet some of the talented women directors in person, and I hope some plans for exciting future projects were made.”

BBDO Germany chose to showcase a selection of work from Cristiana Miranda (Antonella Perillo Agency) from Lisbon and Hanna Maria Heidrich (Anorak Films, Believe Media) from Berlin, who also had the opportunity to speak about their work and their vision as directors. If you’re curious to learn more about Hanna Maria and Elisha, check out their Free The Bid interviews: Hanna Maria Heidrich, Elisha Smith-Leverock.

Cristiana Miranda speaking to Steffen Gentis about her work

Hanna Maria Heidrich discusses her career with Steffen Gentis

German film director Katja Benrath also spoke from LA via Skype about her Oscar-nominated film “Watu Wote”, while German actress and influencer Nilam Farooq (star of My Blind Date With Life) was on hand to discuss the difference that working with a woman director can make for an actress.

Nilam Farooq talks to Steffen Gentis about working with women directors

Three male directors also had work screened: Toby Dye (RSA), Bernd Faas (element e), and Paul Ward (Stink). The Regielounge Afterparty and Free the Bid Germany Launch Party was sponsored by Craftwork (BBDO’s production unit) and Pitch and Sync Music (a creatively renowned music and sound agency in London, Amsterdam and Berlin).

We here at Free The Bid headquarters in LA wish we could’ve attended, but will have to settle for living vicariously through these amazing photos. Sigh…

Check out even more photos from the event below! Thanks so much to Steffen and BBDO Germany for the support and for putting together such an incredible event to kick off the launch of #FreeTheBidGermany!

Photo credit: Jakob Nawka