What am I Pledging?


You’re pledging to ask your ad agencies & content producers for one bid from a woman on every commercial you produce, and to Free The Bid so it includes more diversity whenever possible.



You’re pledging to have a woman director’s option considered, to the best of your ability, when triple-bidding a production for a client. Once the bid is sent, you recommend the best person for the job, man or woman. Your choice, no obligations.

By introducing your clients to women’s treatments, you’ll give women a voice and a valuable chance to present their creative. Many women can’t compete with male directors’ reels after years of gender bias. Taking the pledge will reveal unique creative voices of women whose visions have previously been overlooked. Women are usually only invited to bid on products that are marketed toward women – imagine the possibilities of expanding beyond the stereotypical.

Pledging to Free The Bid is also a commitment to seek out diversity in all other senses, since directors with intersectional perspectives are better able to speak to the audiences of our time. We believe that risk aversion is the death of creativity. Taking the pledge won’t just feel good and expose you to fresh new work, but is also a savvy business decision.



You’re pledging to support women directors and consider signing, mentoring & training more women in order to meet the new demand this initiative will create. You’re also pledging to try and help unsigned women to bid on jobs if they’re approached by ad agencies.

Please let us know if you are open to fostering these opportunities.

Production companies featured on our Who’s In page have generously donated to support the maintenance of our website. Please visit our donation page if you would like to contribute along with taking our pledge.



Almost there you fighter.
Fill this up really quick and you officially pledged to #FreeTheBid.