(l-r) Kim Gordon, musician, artist; Melodie McDaniel, director; Denise Milford, cinematographer; Kim Jacobs, director; Amy Adrion, director


On Tuesday, June 6th, Free The Bid had the incredible opportunity to host an intimate screening of director Amy Adrion‘s “Half The Picture,” at Neuehouse Hollywood.

Half The Picture consists of interviews with high profile women directors, including Ava DuVernay, Jill Soloway, Lena Dunham, Catherine Hardwicke, and Miranda July, among many others, who discuss their early careers, how they transitioned to studio films or television, how they balance having a demanding directing career with family, as well as challenges and joys along the way.

These interviews are juxtaposed with interviews with experts on gender inequality in Hollywood, including the ACLU’s Melissa Goodman, Sundance Institute’s Caroline Libresco, Vanity Fair’s Rebecca Keegan, USC’s Dr. Stacy Smith and San Diego State University’s Dr. Martha Lauzen, who establish the magnitude of this employment discrimination issue as women are shut out, across the board, of an industry that systemically denies their expression and point of view.

The film contains a wealth of information, from the statistical to the deeply personal, that compellingly frames what’s at stake when half the population is shut out of the opportunity to tell the stories that define our culture.

After the screening, Amy Adrion spoke with Free The Bid’s Executive Director Emma Reeves about the film and how much or how little has changed since she began her interviews in 2015 (#MeToo, Times Up, the current presidency, etc). In particular, we were struck by the ongoing EEOC investigation into discrimination against women directors at major Hollywood studios – which, as Dr. Stacy Smith mentions in the film, is being investigated as a civil rights issue.

Half The Picture opens on the West Coast on Friday, June 22 at the Laemmle Monica, LA – be sure to go see it in theaters, especially on opening weekend!

We were inspired by the amazing and diverse group of ladies (and some men!) that came to spend the evening with us, celebrating the contributions of women directors to the film industry. After the screening and the Q+A, we had the chance to gather and strengthen our Free The Bid family bonds – the room was full of love and appreciation!

Thanks to Amy for sharing her film with us, to everyone who came out to the screening, and of course, Neuehouse for hosting another wonderful evening!

All photos taken by Free The Bid team member Mya Dodson.


Emma Reeves, Free The Bid Executive Director; Amy Adrion, Half The Picture director


Amy Adrion, Half The Picture director


(l – r) Kantu Lentz, director; Brittany “B. Monet” Fennell, director; Minhal Baig, director


Paula Walker, director; Kathryn Bostic, Vice President, Alliance of Women Composers


Eva Michon, director; Anna Cordell, actor, writer


Jenna Watt, director; Rebecca Straney, producer, HELO


Milanka Brooks, actress; Bella Monticelli, director


Chloe Coover, Head of Content, Free The Bid; S-hekh Shem Hetep Ebron, director


Emma Reeves, Free The Bid Executive Director; Amy Adrion, Half The Picture director