Stephanie Di Giusto

Production Company: Insurrection
Website: Website

Director, photographer and artistic director Stéphanie Di Giusto creates offbeat, poetic, and sensitive work. 

She graduated from prestigious French school ESSAG / Penninghen in Paris. Di Giusto began her career directing video clips for innovative and unconventional artists such as Camille, Brigitte Fontaine, Sliimy, and Jarvis Cocker and soon took her distinct style and perspective to the fashion industry. Di Giusto has conceived and directed short films starring young French icon, Lou Douillon, producing imagery that has been considered visual poetry. She also collaborates with Vanessa Bruno, communicating and enhancing the French designer’s vision with films, video installations, and visual communication. In print, Di Giusto re-conceptualized the idea of the fashion catalogue, designing precious, poetic books that act as both advertisement and as art. Di Giusto’s images have been featured in Vogue, Elle, and Purple Magazine.