Natalia Andreadis

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Natalia Andreadis is a London-based film and commercials director.

Originally from Paris, she studied her craft at the Sorbonne, under great film theorists such as Charles Tesson, editor-in-chief of the ‘Cahiers du Cinema’. She graduated with a Masters degree in 2006, and followed on with a course in film production at NYU. She cut her teeth working for celebrated producers Dan Halsted (‘Garden State’, ‘Nixon’), and Stephen Woolley, before becoming an Apple-certified editor in 2008.

Natalia worked in post-production for 6 years, during which she cut over 35 projects, from hour-long documentaries to fashion commercials, before hanging up her keyboard to direct full-time.

She has won multiple awards for her short films, with her debut “Without” being distributed as a pre-feature short in over 150 cinemas. Though unsigned, she has directed branded content for TomTom, PETA and Salty Bag among others. She is looking for the right production company to represent her.