Monica Heredero

Production Company: Antonella Perillo Agency
Website: Website

Passionate I studied Fine Arts along with Playwriting and Interpretation. I started working as an actress and an art director in several short films. I was later fascinated by the camera department which then led me into the studies of Cinematography at the Escac School in order to master the technical aspects. Having worked in all departments in film, gives me a very thorough overview of each project. I like to work from aesthetics to build concepts, develop narratives and appeal emotions. I am moved by color and I give a special importance to music and sound. I am fascinated by the play of light, textures, blurs and macros lenses. I like symmetrical elements or radical asymmetry, and I am a perfectionist. Every detail counts.I like to develop personal projects with a more artistic focus, such as fashion or music videos.I currently based in Barcelona.