Lily Rose Thomas

Production Company: My Accomplice
Website: Website

Lily is a born and bred Londoner and in fact, she’s never lived anywhere else. Growing up her mum was an artist, which meant Lily wasn’t allowed to watch cartoons without doing a drawing first. She got her first roll of film developed from her new camera at age 5, which exclusively contained pictures of people’s shoes and portraits from a small child’s height.

Lily then learnt how to use a camera properly and started taking portraits whilst she studied her art foundation, she also published a zine ‘Heartbreak City’ which sold at Printed Matter in New York. She was exhibiting her work at the Cob Gallery in Camden when her boyfriend’s band said her photos were pretty cool and she should make their next music video, which turned out pretty cool too. So much so, other bands wanted her to make their videos and shoot their album artwork. Now, she has had her work publish by i-D, Wonderland, BEAT, Mushpit and more. Lily is really talented at storytelling and subtle narrative and we has a very strong aesthetic to her work.