Haley Geffen

Production Company: co_ed
Website: Website

Haley Geffen is a five time Emmy award winner, branded content specialist and live action director.

Haley supervises creative projects from inception through the final mix. For seven years Haley was Executive Creative Director at Bodega Studios, a bi-coastal content creation agency and production company.

Haley enjoys projects at every size. She has produced two Super Bowl Show Opens and directed two Olympic Game campaigns.  Most recently, Haley directed a series of commercial films for JWT and Air China.

Haley’s directing work has been featured in Free the Bid and a University of Michigan profile that she’s abnormally proud of.

Haley has two daughters and a husband. She keeps all of them in a small zoo in Brooklyn under the care of her dog Gizmo.

Her clients include: Nike, Under Armour, Hewlett-Packard, Volkswagen, Mercedes, Viacom, Comedy Central, NBC Universal, NBC Sports, NBC Olympics, Discovery Networks, Charter Communications, ESPN, Turner, Topps, Bloomberg, ABC, VH1, MTV, J. Walter Thompson, Facebook, Amazon Studios, HBO, Showtime, Gatorade, OxiClean (PureRED), Starbucks, Nasacort (PureRED), Conde Nast Entertainment, The Economist, CBS Sports, BBCA, TruTV, Samsung (Lippincott), USA, Avis (Deutsch), Hasbro.