Giuliana Tommasi

Production Company: Alma Mía Films
Website: Website

Starting as an editor, Giuliana Tommasi discovered her passion in storytelling. While studying communications and film studies at Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City, it was in the editing room where she realized that she wanted to be in control of the creation of the material she was working with. It was then when she decided that her true passion was directing.

Directing her shortfilm Let Me Go, was how she started her journey as director. She didn’t leave editing behind completely though, as she started to get invited to participate in interesting projects in the field of fiction, documentary and publicity. Filming and editing a documentary in Antartica has been one of her biggest accomplishments as she had never filmed before in such extreme conditions. PepsiCo®, Honda® and Scotiabank® have been some of the brands she has worked on as an editor.

As time passed, she left the editing room behind, and focused more and more on directing and creating experiences in publicity, fiction, documentary, music videos and TV shows. She has done several pieces for Visit Mexico®, creating great promotional and professional material in the field of tourism. In April of 2017 she was signed as director in Alma Mía Films where she has directed a piece for Starbucks and two for gender equality, and support for the LGBTQA+ community.

Giuliana will treat every story as her own, making a personal connection with every single one of them. She will put her personal signature on all the projects she puts her hands on with the aesthetics that characterize her.